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Mortgage Lending Team

You might spend a lot of time finding the perfect home. But you don’t have to look far for the perfect home mortgage. Trust the lending team at Webster Five. It’s their job to help you find the right mortgage and terms for you. We offer everything from fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages to special first-time homebuyer and special home ownership programs. Our lenders have helped hundreds of people afford their dream home, with competitive or specially discounted rates as well as easy requirements. Best of all, they make the process clear, transparent, efficient and effortless.

Nancy Bouchard

Nicholas Lynch

Financing your home can be daunting process; Nick knows how to eliminate that feeling and make your experience as efficient…
Nancy Bouchard

Bruce Varner

With over 9 years of experience in banking and mortgage lending, Bruce Varner is experienced and knowledgeable of the local…
Nancy Bouchard

Katerina Disho

With over six years at Webster Five, Katerina has taken what she’s learned from her customer-facing interactions on the retail…
Nancy Bouchard

David Sampson

David is a seasoned mortgage loan originator with over 20 years of experience in home financing. He's your go-to expert…