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Switching your bank accounts to Webster Five is as easy as Click Switch Done.


Swapping banks should be easy. We’re providing a way to make that thought a reality. Webster Five has partnered with ClickSWITCH to make it easy for you to switch your direct deposits and automatic payments. With an activation code and a few minutes, you can swap your banking and payment information in one convenient, easy-to-use portal.




How to switch

Switching your account to Webster Five is easier than ever with these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Enter your activation code, provided by your branch or by calling the Contact Center
  • Step 2: Provide the same email used for your Webster Five account and create a password
  • Step 3: Click “Create a Deposit”  to switch direct deposits
  • Step 4: Click “Create a Switch” to switch automatic payments
  • Step 5: Submit and start enjoying your new account


What you’ll need

To get started, you’ll need to have certain information on hand. Already started and don’t have it? Save your switch and come back at any time.

  • Direct deposit information
  • Automatic payment information

Keep the ease of switching going with CardSwap


Save yourself the time of jumping between sites to change your card information with CardSwap! In the same convenient portal as ClickSWITCH, change all the automatic payments on your old card to your new card. All you’ll need to do: provide your payment information once, provide your service’s login information, and let CardSwap do the rest.