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In-branch services

A full range of useful services right around the corner. Webster Five is more than basic banking. Just stop by any of our convenient branch locations and we’ll be happy to help you with any of the below services.

Wire transfers

A quick, convenient and safe way to send money to another individual or banking institution, either domestically or internationally. Funds are transferred the same day of the request if made before 1:00 PM at any Webster Five branch location. Please contact any Webster Five branch to find out what information you will need to provide in order to initiate a wire transfer.

Cashier’s checks

This is an official bank check drawn and guaranteed by the bank and signed by an authorized individual at the bank. They are commonly required for real estate and brokerage transactions. Checks can be purchased using cash if you are a Webster Five customer or with funds from your Webster Five account. You will need to provide who the check is being made payable to.

Money orders

Unlike cashier’s checks, a money order is a method of payment to a payee that can be named at a later time. It is issued with blank spaces for the name of the payee and signature of the sender. It is for small transactions of $1,000 or less.

Notary services

The purpose of having a document notarized is to prevent fraud and forgery. The Notary acts as an official and unbiased witness to the identity of the person who comes before the Notary and signs a document in the presence of the Notary. Common documents that must be notarized are wills, trusts, loans, affidavits of citizenship and permission for minors to travel.

Every Webster Five branch has a notary public on staff, and notary services are free to all Webster Five customers. All signees must bring valid identification, such as a state-issued driver’s license or ID card, a military ID or a passport.

Coin counting

For a nominal fee, Webster Five will exchange your loose coins for dollar bills or deposit them into your Webster Five account. Rolled coin can be redeemed at any branch location. Loose coins can be redeemed at the Dudley, Webster, Chandler Street or Shrewsbury branches.

Medallion signature guarantee

Medallion signature guarantees are primarily used for the purchase or sale of stock securities that require authorized signatures. This service is available at all branch locations for Webster Five account holders.

Safe deposit boxes

Store valuables in the safety and security of a safe deposit box within the bank’s vault. Available at branch locations, excluding Worcester – Front Street and Auburn. Contents of safe deposit boxes are not insured.