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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

When we understand, appreciate, and value every individual, we all win.

Mosaic in Our Workplace

Our journey to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is ongoing. That’s why we’ve formed Mosaic, our DEI committee, to ensure we continually ask about, understand, and respond to the unique needs, challenges, and perspectives of our employees. The name Mosaic, which represents many different parts coming together to form something beautiful, inspires us to build on the uniqueness of every individual to create something better together.

The strength of a financial institution is often measured by its assets. At Webster Five, we believe the greatest measure of an organization’s strength comes from what truly sets it apart – its people. The unique backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of our valued employees, customers, and the individuals in the communities we serve makes our institution and our world stronger.

That is why we’re proud to turn our mission of acceptance, understanding, and collaboration into actions that help ensure every individual – regardless of their background – has the chance to prosper.

Some of the initiatives of the committee, include:

  • Creating awareness and promoting learning
  • Serving the complex and rich cultures and identities of our employees and communities
  • Fostering an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through implementing thoughtful and innovative strategies

DEI Events in Our Communities

Our work in promoting inclusivity goes far beyond our workplace. We’re proud to host and support a variety of community-based programs that lead to economic and cultural empowerment among marginalized individuals and underserved communities. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Business Owner Meetings

    To uncover how we can better foster business growth and development in local communities, we host training sessions where minority business owners share and explain challenges they have in securing funding and banking services.

  • Cultural Events

    We regularly sponsor and support events and initiatives that celebrate the diverse cultures in our communities, such as CENTRO Latin American Festival, India Day, Annual Asian Festival (SEAC) and the Worcester community celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

  • Seminars

    To help businesses and non-profit organizations with limited resources carry out their missions and grow, we host seminars on various topics. Among them was a grant writing seminar to help non-profit organizations secure much-needed funding.