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What is my account balance?

There are several options to check your account balance:

  • If you use online banking, simply log in from your computer or through our mobile app to view your account balances.
  • If you are enrolled in 24/7 telephone banking, call 800-492-1032 to hear your account balances.
  • Visit any ATM and make a balance inquiry.
  • Call us at 800-696-9401.

Where are the bank branches and the closest one to me?

You can find all our branch locations at our locations page.

How can I dispute a charge on my account?

If you would like to dispute a transaction you notice on your bank statement, please call us at 800-696-9401 or visit your local branch.

How can I change my address?

You can change your address by visiting your local branch. If you use online banking, you can also change your address by clicking the “Options” tab and click “Update Customer Info.”

How do I open a new account?

You can open a new personal checking or savings account by applying online, or open all other accounts by visiting your local branch.

How do I reorder checks?

Click here to order checks online, call us at 800-696-9401 or visit your local branch.

How do I report a lost or stolen debit card?

Please call 888-297-3416 for national or 206-389-5200 for international.

To order a new debit card, please visit your local branch.

*10.00 fee may apply

How do I report fraud or identity theft?

As soon as you notice fraudulent activity or think you have been a victim of identity theft, please let us know by calling 800-696-9401 or visit your local branch.

What is the bank's holiday schedule?

Click here to view our holiday closure schedule.

Can I get a money order or cashier's check at your bank?

Money orders and cashier’s checks may be purchased at any local Webster Five branch. Money orders can be made up to $1,000 and cashier’s checks can be made in any denomination.

Money Order Fee: $3/money order

Cashier’s Check Fee: $5/check

What is the Webster Five routing number?

Webster Five’s routing number is 211372857. Your routing number and account number can be found along the bottom of your current checks, see example below.

How do I close my account?

We are sorry to hear that you want to close your account. Please call us at 800-696-9401 or visit your local branch.