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Traditional mortgages

Webster Five offers three types of personal mortgages with flexible terms. Any of these mortgages can be paid off early without penalty and each has its own unique benefits.

Conventional fixed-rate mortgage

This option, also referred to as a fixed rate loan, locks in monthly payments regardless of market conditions and rate volatility.

Adjustable-rate mortgage

This mortgage typically ensures lower introductory rates for an initial designated period, and then varies according to market indices.

Jumbo mortgage

This mortgage is for loans which exceed your county’s maximum loan limit and is available with either fixed or adjustable terms. Please consult one of our mortgage loan originators for your county’s maximum loan limit.

Make payments the easy way

With Webster Five, you can make your mortgage payments with online or mobile banking. You can also set up automatic payments, so you’ll never miss a payment (and never lift a finger). Of course, you can also pay by check. Whatever works best for you, works best for us.



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