Home equity loans and more

It’s amazing what your home can do for you, and what we can do for your home. Our home equity loans allow you to borrow against up to 95% of the equity in your home to pay for big-ticket items like tuition, weddings, home renovations or high-interest debt balances. The rates are typically lower than credit cards.
Our special MassHousing Home Improvement Programs offer low-cost financing for important renovations like lead paint removal, repairing your septic system and other structural repairs or improvements.

Home equity loan

Borrow against the equity in your home for a loan with a fixed rate that’s typically lower than credit cards or unsecured personal loans. The fixed monthly payments protect you from rate fluctuations and makes budgeting easier.

Home equity plus loan

For those who need a little more than what a standard home equity loan can provide, this loan allows you to borrow up to 95% of your equity.

Flexline home equity line of credit

Borrow against your home equity for a line of credit with a lower interest rate than most credit cards. It’s perfect for people who want more flexibility for sequential or unexpected purchases. Use as little or as much as you need, up to the value of your equity. You can access your money through online banking instead of writing a check.

Home equity plus line of credit

For those who need a little more than what a standard home equity line of credit can provide, this line of credit allows you to borrow up to 95% of your equity.

Land loan

Our land loan allows you to take advantage of financing a piece of land that’s for sale, without having to immediately break ground for construction of a new home. Call us at 508-640-0434 to learn more.

Low-cost home improvement program

Title V Septic Repair

Through a program sponsored by MassHousing, Webster Five is able to offer a below-market rate to homeowners faced with the need to repair a failed septic system in order to comply with the state’s Title V requirements. This program is available to eligible homeowners at low interest rates. Loans range in size from $1,000 to a maximum of $25,000. Click here for rates and for more information. Or download our application and checklist.