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Beyond Banking: Webster Five and Community Legal Aid Partner for Expanded Access to Justice

Auburn, MA – Webster Five recently marked a significant milestone by enrolling as a Massachusetts IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts) Leadership Institution with the support of local nonprofit Community Legal Aid.

The mission of the MA IOLTA Committee is to increase access to justice for all residents of the Commonwealth by funding organizations that provide civil legal services to low- and moderate-income residents. One such organization is Community Legal Aid (CLA), a nonprofit that offers free legal services to elderly and low-income residents in Central and Western Massachusetts.

When searching for a new banking provider, Community Legal Aid was determined to choose a financial institution that understood and supported their cause. Webster Five’s decision to enroll in the MA IOLTA Leadership Program highlights the bank’s proactive approach to supporting their customers and initiatives that benefit the community.

Leadership Institutions agree to pay the higher of 75% of the Federal Funds Target Rate or 1.00% net interest on all IOLTA Funds and are recognized by the IOLTA Committee as going above and beyond to support expanded access to justice.

“By choosing to partner with Webster Five, our team is not only securing essential banking services but also aligning with an institution that shares our values and commitment to the community,” said Jonathan Mannina, Executive Director, Community Legal Aid. “With the support of Leadership Institutions like Webster Five, we can continue ensuring that everyone has access to the legal services they need, regardless of financial hardships.”

“The partnership between Webster Five and Community Legal Aid goes beyond the typical banking relationship,” said Don Doyle, President/CEO, Webster Five. “We’re honored to support Community Legal Aid’s mission of accessible legal services as a MA IOLTA Leadership Institution and its main banking provider.”

Webster Five has previously supported Community Legal Aid with grant funding through the Webster Five Foundation. Most recently, the Foundation awarded $9,000 to support CLA’s Language Access Project, which provides necessary and free legal services to low-income and elderly residents who primarily speak a language other than English.

For more information on Community Legal Aid, click here. To learn more about Webster Five and its commitment to the community, click here.