Web5 business digital banking

It takes a million little things to run a business, and the last thing you want is for your banking to slow you down. No matter what the demands of your business are, our Digital Banking tools will empower you to bank where you want, when you want, and the way you want.

Designed specifically for business customers

Our Digital Banking was built with Webster Five business customers in mind, so it is your one-stop shop to check activity, transfer money, pay bills, and everything else you need to do to keep your business running smoothly.

Manage Users – Manage who can access Digital Banking, putting the system administrator in control of all business authorized logins.

Enhanced Transaction Capabilities – Staying organized has never been easier! Just attach an image to a transaction for easier financial recordkeeping.

Consistent Experience Across Devices – Menu look and feel stays the same regardless of how you access Digital Banking.

Tailor Digital Banking to your needs

The features of our Digital Banking can be expanded to meet the unique demands of your business with these optional paid services:

Premier Bill Pay – Our enhanced bill pay service gives you all the features of our basic service, plus some extra bells and whistles that allow you to:

  • Sort bills by the payee, payment date or amount
  • Send payments to any business or individual in the U.S.
  • Pay multiple invoices from a payee in one easy payment
  • Control employee entitlement rights and transaction limits
  • Generate audit logs for user activity

International Wire Transfers – Why limit your business to our national borders? With optional paid service, you can originate foreign wires in U.S. dollars or foreign currency.

Enhanced Fraud Protection – Help secure your businesses from cybercriminals with these security and verification tools.

Check Positive Pay – Match check number, dollar amount and, date, along with the payee on the checks issued by your business.

ACH Positive Pay – Triggers an alert when ACH transactions hit your account, so you can make a pay/no pay decision immediately.

ACH Verify – Verifies the destination and value of originated ACH credits and sends an alert for any transaction discrepancies.

Wire Verify – Stops wire fraud in real time, eliminates callbacks, and increases the ease with which your wires can be approved with one call.

Webster Five Bank’s Mobile and Web Banking work best with the following devices and platforms:

Mobile Banking

  • Apple: iOS 10 and up
  • Android: OS 7.0 and up

Web Banking

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari (for Mac Operating Systems only)
  • Mozilla Firefox

We recommend keeping desktop browser and operating system updated for an optimal user experience.


Looking to learn more about what Digital Banking has to offer? Check out our User Guides for more in-depth information on all of our features!

Get Digital Banking Today!

Digital Banking is included for free with any deposit account you have with Webster Five. To get started today, just call 800-696-9401 or visit one of our convenient branch locations. Once you have your login, simply download the Webster Five mobile app from your app store or visit our homepage to login.