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personal loans

The simple, economical way to finance your major purchases. Sometimes we need a little help attaining our goals. Webster Five offers a full line of economical, flexible personal loans with competitive rates for virtually any purchase or purpose. And the process couldn’t be simpler—you can apply online for most Webster Five personal loans and get a preliminary decision in minutes. What’s more, you can lower your rate by having your loan payments automatically deducted from your Webster Five checking or savings account. You won’t have to worry about being late on your payments and you’ll save a substantial amount in interest over time.
Whether you’re buying your first car, your dream boat or a shiny new motorcycle, Webster Five is your ticket to ride. We offer a fixed-rate, fixed-term loan for new or used vehicles, with lower rates than unsecured loans.
Our traditional fixed-rate, fixed-term installment loan is available with different terms to meet your budget and time horizon. Enjoy an even lower rate by simply setting up automated payment deductions from your Webster Five checking or savings account.
If you have a limited credit history, this loan allows for nontraditional or expanded underwriting considerations on a fixed-rate, fixed-term loan, so you can make important purchases happen while establishing or building up your credit score. Minimum loan amount is $300.00 and maximum loan amount is $1,000.00
This loan is secured by any Webster Five savings account or CD, and allows you to borrow up to 100% of your funds on deposit, with no fees.
If you worry about bouncing checks or being overdrawn, this line of credit will automatically cover any overdrawn funds up to your credit limit so you can pay them back later.

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