business savings

For sudden expenses to great expectations.

Every business needs a cash reserve for unforeseen expenses, cash flow dips or future expansions. A Webster Five savings account has you covered, while offering substantial earning potential. Choose from a simple no-minimum-balance account to one that automatically “steps up” your interest rate as you increase your balance.

GoSavings for business GrowSavings for business MoneyMarket PlusAccount for business
The simple, economical way to save. The way to earn more and get more. The account with great rates and greater flexibility.
Interest earned Interest at $10 or more Tiered interest at $10 or more Tiered interest at $10 or more
Checkwriting privileges
ATM card with no fees within SUM network
Mobile banking
Online banking with alerts and reminders
Monthly maintenance fee No monthly maintenance fee. No monthly maintenance fee. No monthly maintenance fee if you maintain an average daily balance of $2,000 per monthly statement cycle. Otherwise, fee is $5 per month.
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Cash management

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Manage your business transactions with ease.

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Online or mobile banking

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Bank anytime, anywhere. Safely and securely.

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