Nutrition Center Support

Nutrition Center Support

In the photo from left to right: Sam Bitar - Executive Director of the Webster Five Foundation and Business Analyst, Webster Five; Janelle Wilson – Executive Director, Jeremiah’s Inn; Don Doyle – President/CEO, Webster Five

The Webster Five Foundation announced that as part of its Web of Caring to Make a Difference program, it will donate $3,000 to Jeremiah’s Inn, in support of their Nutrition Center. Jeremiah’s Inn primarily functions as a safe haven for men recovering from substance abuse. The Nutrition Center was established in 1996 to support additional community members who reached out for help in getting food. The Inn provides its residents with a safe environment to begin recovery, while fostering a sense of community and mutual aid through partnerships, volunteerism, and making a positive impact through the food pantry.

Webster Five’s Web of Caring to Make a Difference program reinforces the bank’s long-standing initiative to give back to the community by supporting local organizations that are making a difference. The vision of Jeremiah’s Inn is to help people better their lives by getting healthy and ultimately bettering the community as a result. Residents in the social model recovery program of the Inn help run the Nutrition Center, which feeds over 12,250 low-income South Worcester residents a year. The men are given the opportunity to help others by addressing the issue of hunger and need for food, while working on getting their own lives back on track in a healthy way.

The Nutrition Center’s goals are to alleviate hunger for over 12,000 residents in South Worcester, provide these residents with a mixture of fresh and non-perishable foods, and provide them with referrals to programs and agencies that can also help meet their nutritional, health and wellness needs. This holistic approach helps make a bigger impact against the issue of hunger and its accompanying problems. The food pantry is one of the few in the area that provide such a variety of food and offers food-related programming for its clients. Three new strategies have been implemented this year with the help of local partners and are proving to be successful so far. One partner, Cooking Matters, is helping the Center conduct grocery store tours to teach clients how to eat healthy while still stretching their grocery budget. Community Harvest Project is providing cooking classes and recipes featuring the produce that the Center distributes. In collaboration with Nuestro Huerto, 50 community garden beds were built last year, so that clients and South Worcester residents have a place to grow their own produce.

Donald F. Doyle, President and Chief Executive Officer of Webster Five, stated, “Jeremiah’s Inn is providing invaluable support and resources in the fight against hunger in our community. We applaud their efforts and are proud to support them.”

Patricia L. Davidson, Esq. and President of Jeramiah’s Hospice, Inc. said “We are very appreciative to Webster Five for their support. Together, we can help improve the nutrition and health of the thousands of low-income individuals that turn to the Nutrition Center for help.”

About Web of Caring to Make a Difference

Web of Caring to Make a Difference is a bank-wide community program created by Webster Five as a tangible means for the bank as an organization and its employees as individuals to make a positive impact by supporting local organizations that also are making a difference. Through the Webster Five Foundation, the program has donated more than $2 million dollars to various local nonprofit organizations for programs that support expanding and improving access to education, culture and the arts, social services, charitable activities and community development. Requests for funding through the Webster Five Foundation are reviewed by the board of directors and are awarded to established 501(c)(3) organizations in the above sectors that qualify.
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