Life-Skills, Inc Gets New iPads

Life-Skills, Inc Gets New iPads

In the photo from left to right: Donald Doyle – Executive Vice President, Webster Five; Dan Drake (front) - Attendee of Day Habilitation 1 Program at Life-Skills, Inc.; Robert Miller - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Life-Skills, Inc.; Tom Amick - CEO, Life-Skills, Inc.; Richard Leahy - President/CEO, Webster Five; Sam Bitar - Executive Director of the Webster Five Foundation and Business Analyst, Webster Five; Eileen Harris- Speech-Language Pathologist, Life-Skills, Inc.


The Webster Five Foundation has announced that as part of its Web of Caring to Make a Difference program, it will donate $3,000 to Life-Skills, Inc. in Webster, MA.  Life-Skills, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides day habilitation program, residential, and vocational services to adults with developmental, emotional and intellectual disabilities. The funds will contribute to purchasing new technological equipment for the individuals that the agency currently serves.

Webster Five’s Web of Caring to Make a Difference program reinforces the bank’s long-standing initiative to give back to the community by supporting local organizations that are making a difference. Life-Skills, Inc. aligns with this goal through its efforts to assist individuals in Central Massachusetts by expanding their career and life opportunities. The organization operates several small businesses that provide meaningful employment and vocational and social skills training for these individuals.

The technology purchased will fill a current need for individuals in their Day Habilitation 1 and Fundamental Responding Skills Day Habilitation programs. Access to new technology, such as iPads, offers a variety of uses to the individuals involved in these programs, including staff. The latest technology will allow for web-based learning and access to specialty literacy applications, communication apps for those with verbal difficulties, and built-in accessibility features to aid individuals with hearing loss and low vision. With the flip of a switch to get connected, individuals with physical and motor difficulties can use the iPad. Additionally, access to iPads promotes community integration, due to its portable nature. Someone with verbal difficulties can use it to communicate with others in public settings, boosting confidence and self-esteem. Access to social media and video chatting removes geographic boundaries and allows these individuals to remain virtually connected to their families and friends, easily exchanging information and sharing life events. Life-Skills, Inc. hopes to make learning stimulating and fun with the addition of this new technology.

Richard T. Leahy, President and CEO of Webster Five stated, “We appreciate what Life-Skills, Inc. does for the disabled adults in our community. Providing access to vocational training and employment through small businesses, along with other educational and learning opportunities is extremely meaningful to the individuals they serve and the community as a whole. Webster Five is pleased to play a role in providing technology to further enhance the services offered.”

Life-Skills, Inc.’s CEO, J. Thomas Amick, said “We are very grateful to Webster Five for their donation, as it generously contributes to our new technology purchases, which will ultimately improve the teaching methods, learning experiences and opportunities for everyone involved.”

About Web of Caring to Make a Difference

Web of Caring to Make a Difference is a bank-wide community program created by Webster Five as a tangible means for the bank as an organization and its employees as individuals to make a positive impact by supporting local organizations that also are making a difference. Through the Webster Five Foundation, the program has donated more than $2 million dollars to various local nonprofit organizations for programs that support expanding and improving access to education, culture and the arts, social services, charitable activities and community development. Requests for funding through the Webster Five Foundation are reviewed by the board of directors and are awarded to established 501(c)(3) organizations in the above sectors that qualify.
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