Funding New Unit For More Care

Funding New Unit For More Care

In the photo from left to right: Sam Bitar – Executive Director of the Webster Five Foundation and Business Analyst, Webster Five; Edward Moore – President/CEO, Harrington HealthCare System; Don Doyle – President/CEO, Webster Five

The Webster Five Foundation announced that as part of its Web of Caring to Make a Difference program, it will donate $12,500 to Harrington HealthCare System this year, as part of a two year grant of $25,000. Harrington HealthCare System is a comprehensive regional healthcare system, providing the primary medical and behavioral health care in South Central Massachusetts and Northeastern Connecticut.

Webster Five’s Web of Caring to Make a Difference program reinforces the bank’s long-standing initiative to give back to the community by supporting local organizations that are making a difference. Harrington HealthCare’s new Dual Diagnosis Unit will align with this mission by addressing the critical and acute need in this area for increased access to mental health and substance abuse services.  The unit will provide a secure and safe environment for treating locals suffering from behavioral health disorders and substance abuse issues.

The Dual Diagnosis Unit by Harrington HealthCare, located in Webster, will be the first inpatient unit in both central and western Massachusetts to offer a specialty track for inpatient psychiatric patients for both substance abuse and mental illness. Harrington currently provides some of the most effective substance abuse and recovery programs in the area. However, they currently only have 14 inpatient beds, and the next closest facility in Worcester is often full. Prior to embarking on the construction for the Dual Diagnosis unit, Harrington opened multiple outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinics in neighboring towns that saw increased patient visits, which confirmed the need for this larger, dual facility.

Donald F. Doyle, president and chief executive officer of Webster Five, stated, “Harrington HealthCare System provides necessary services to many members of the community, more specifically those struggling with mental health and substance abuse. Webster Five is proud to support their work to deliver the care that these individuals need, in a safe environment close to home.”

Edward Moore, President and CEO of Harrington HealthCare System, said “We are very grateful to Webster Five for their generous two-year grant. This contribution will be essential to the development of our new Dual Diagnosis Unit.”

About Web of Caring to Make a Difference

Web of Caring to Make a Difference is a bank-wide community program created by Webster Five as a tangible means for the bank as an organization and its employees as individuals to make a positive impact by supporting local organizations that also are making a difference. Through the Webster Five Foundation, the program has donated more than $2 million dollars to various local nonprofit organizations for programs that support expanding and improving access to education, culture and the arts, social services, charitable activities and community development. Requests for funding through the Webster Five Foundation are reviewed by the board of directors and are awarded to established 501(c)(3) organizations in the above sectors that qualify.
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