Debit Card Compromise

UPDATE, August 19, 2016

Webster Five worked with its debit card processing vendor and local law enforcement to identify the point at which debit cards may have been compromised. Upon further investigation, it was determined that skimmers were placed on both of the Webster ATM’s and the Dudley walk-up ATM during the weekend of July 23rd - July 24th. Over the weekend of August 13th - 14th the fraudsters used the information previously gathered from the ATM’s to make fraudulent transactions with counterfeit debit cards. Evidence confirms the skimming device was the point of compromise and there is currently an active investigation with local police to find the individual(s) involved.

All Webster Five cards identified as having fraudulent activity due to this compromise have been closed. Over the course of this week, Webster Five customers who reported fraud on their accounts have since been reimbursed and new debit cards rush ordered. A letter was sent to customers whose cards were compromised, but have not experienced fraud on their accounts, informing them of the steps the Bank will has taken to safeguard their accounts.

The Bank is presently collaborating with other institutions whose customers may have used our affected ATM’s during the compromise timeframe.

To help prevent a future compromise at our ATM’s, we have engaged our vendors regarding anti-skimming technology that may assist with detection. It is recommended that customers carefully review account activity on a regular basis and notify the Bank if they see any suspicious transactions.

We appreciate your patience as we work towards a resolution and thank you for your understanding. Be sure to call or check back on our website and social media for updates as more information becomes available.


On Sunday, August 14, 2016, Webster Five was notified by our fraud monitoring system that a number of our customers’ debit cards may have been compromised. There was suspicious activity over the weekend of August 13-14 in New York City and the Boston area that triggered a restriction on ATM withdrawals until further investigation.

Upon review of these fraudulent transactions, it was determined that debit cards had been compromised by a skimming device that was placed on the ATM’s at our Dudley and Webster locations. The skimming device was placed after business hours and removed before the start of the next business day. The fraudsters then used the information gathered to replicate cards that were used for ATM withdrawals in New York City and the Boston area this past weekend.

The Bank has been diligent in addressing the needs of customers who were impacted by this compromise through reimbursement of funds and reissuing of debit cards. We have begun an on-going investigation with local law enforcement as well.

This compromise has not only affected our debit card holders, but anyone who used these ATM’s during the time the skimming device was on the ATM. Although customers are not liable for fraudulent transactions, we encourage everyone to continue to monitor their accounts. If you notice suspicious activity, please notify the Bank immediately. Webster Five customers are protected by our fraud monitoring service that works around the clock to watch for suspicious activity. If you receive a call or text from one of our fraud analysts, please respond promptly to help stop further unauthorized transactions.

Webster Five understands the impact an event like this has on our banking customers, and would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We’d also like to thank you for your patience as we worked to identify the source of the fraud. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them and encourage you to call or check back with us.

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